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One Experienced Day At Thanh Toan Village (Code:HRE 07)

Thanh Toan Tile Roof Bridge is about 7km from Hue city centre to the East in Thuy Thanh Commune, Huong Thuy District. Around 30 minutes by bicycle, you can come to the Village.


The Thanh Toan tile-roofed Bridge


The Thanh Toan tile-roofed Bridge crosses a canal flowing from the beginning to the end of Thanh Toan village, Thuy Thanh Commune, Huong Thuy district at present. The village is about 8 km from Hue city on the eastward.

Thanh Tiên Paper Flower Village


Thanh Tiên paper flower village is far around 7 km from Huế city. The village's heyday was a few decades ago, every households make paper flower in December of lunar calendar to earn some extra incomes.

Thuy Bieu, Grapefruit Village


Thuy Bieu is a laid back village situated on the southern bank of Perfume River, around 7km from Hue centre. Thuy Bieu is famous for its mild sweet Thanh Tra, a special kind of Grapefruit which boasts refined fragrance and green skin.

Season Grapefruits


In Hue, grapfruits are grown in Thuy Bieu, Kim Long, Tuan, An Lo, Truoi but grapfruits in Thanh Tra have highest quality.